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What our customers are saying:

Simpler than Excel!

I have been struggling to get insights from my internal ordering system. With oinoi, I can get the information I want about my sales in about 3 minutes when I needed 1 hour of hard work to clean my data in Excel before (and I had to take an Excel class before being able to do the same things)

No need for any coding skills!

I have been convincing my my staff to use Oinoi because I think you have made this as sleek as any visual tool I have encountered. Indeed there's not too much clutter or bells and whistles, and with the bonus of coding skills being unneeded.

Show results immediately!

As data consultant, Oinoi enables me to quickly show results to a client even during the very first meeting. When other tools require days before showing the first piece of insights, Oinoi helps me deliver results faster.

Nice data science tool!

With Oinoi, you just upload your data and you can quickly start analyzing it. Oinoi can also be used collaboratively so you can invite colleagues to view and interact with your analyses.

No scripting required

Oinoi enables business users to transform, visualize and find insights in the data without the need for any scripting, using only their mouse. There's absolutely no need to learn a new language.

Right in your web browser

Oinoi runs directly in your web browser and doesn't require you to install any new software which means you can get started in no time.

Guided analytical process

Oinoi helps you in real time every step of the analytical process by suggesting you different actions, whether it's to prepare data for analysis or creating visualizations. It's a bit like having a data scientist by your side.

Replay transformations

Oinoi allows you to replay previous transformations on a new set of data so that you can focus on finding answers from your data and not spend time re-doing the same tedious tasks over and over again.


Your trust is our biggest asset so we handle your data with great care. Every data you upload is encrypted on our servers to make sure nobody else can use it.

How oinoi is different than the other approaches

Vs. Spreadsheet tools

These tools do not allow the users to perform complex transformations such as data reshaping in an intuitive way. They also work well for power users but new users tend to be quickly limited in the number of operations they can perform.

These tools also don't offer interactive visulizations, an automated history of all the transformations that have been applied on the data or more advanced analytical methods.

Vs. Visualization tools

These tools do not provide intuitive ways of managing the data, they often rely on the data to have been cleaned before and put in the right format.

These tools also don't offer an automated history of all the transformations or more advanced analytical methods that could help the user to find insights quicker in their data.

Vs. Traditional database tools

These tools require a very strong technical expertise from the user since they require him or her to write a script in a specific programming language (for instance SQL).

These tools also don't offer interactive visualizations to help the users find insights in their data.